Scale your business and gain a real competitive advantage

Red Points is the technological solution to detecting and removing IP infringements online.

Stop wasting your time and money on searching, detecting and documenting IP infringements manually.

Detect repeat offenders, gather evidence and increase your business (more investigations and litigations).

Be your clients’ reference in smart IP management solutions.

Be an IP protection service with technical capacity and offer a more efficient and effective solution to your clients.


Speakers : Jeff Sauro, Tim Bosenick, Lee Cooper    

5 consejos para proteger a tu marca

contra las falsificaciones






Introduce your clients to IP enforcement Automation before your competition does it

Giving law firms the tools they need to protect IP in the digital world

Red Points means efficiency and opportunity

Using Red Points’ technology lets you improve the quality of the services you provide and increases efficiency by automating basic online search and removal tasks. The software also provides law firms with the opportunity to use the collected data to identify and prosecute large-scale infringers

Increase your revenue

Increase your up-sell with more investigations and litigations thanks to Red Points' top infringers database.


Differentiate yourself and create a new entry barrier for your competitors.

Offer a full IP management service: IP portfolio management and online & offline protection.

Offer a better and wider range of services

Make your business more profitable.
Focus on what you do best.

Increase your capacity to litigate

As a partner, you will have access to each clients' data on the portal. This will allow you to see top infringers, regional issues and problems on specific e-commerce sites. As well as identifying infringers to pursue, the data will also help build strong cases for judicial procedures.

Automation is an unstoppable trend that will reach your clients sooner or later. Be the one to introduce them to Red Points' technology and create an entrance barrier for your competitors.

Get ahead of your competition

The main objective of this webinar organized by Red Points is to describe actionable tactics that businesses of all sizes, including small and medium ones, can use when scaling their brands from local markets to a worldwide audience.

The tips will be mainly drawn from Karen Post’s professional experience, who has been working for more than 30 year in Branding and Communications with organizations that range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such as ACNielsen, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble.

The webinar will also count with the participation of Toni Pérez, VP of Marketing and Product at Red Points, who will be talking about the most common risks in brand management from the Intellectual Property Rights perspective.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Building and communicating your brand, with real examples.
  • Differences and similarities between local and global branding.
  • Promoting your reputation among opinion makers.
  • How to protect your business against brand abuse.

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