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Ji Won Bang — Brand Protection Specialist

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Counterfeits Hurt 
Your Brand’s Reputation

Building a brand takes a long time and hard work. When customers receive poor copies of a product, word can spread quickly that it is the real product that is low quality.

2020 has accelerated ecommerce, giving online reviews more visibility than ever. Negative experiences with counterfeit products can quickly cause a reputation crisis while leaving your brand reputation at jeopardy. While many consumers believe that it’s the responsibility of a brand to prevent counterfeits from being sold, counterfeiters are only getting smarter.

The new generation of counterfeiters is by far one of the hardest to spot. Why? Because they use new sophisticated tactics to sell counterfeits of your products and IP enforcement is just not cost nor time efficient.

Higher quality replicas

are getting closer to the original look and feel of the genuine products.


Counterfeiters are using several accounts to ensure their revenue is not cut all at once.

Self made pictures

Instead of using brand’s official images

Can you afford to lose your customer’s trust?

Nathan Dula,
Security Sales Analyst at Garrett

"We knew we had counterfeits because our clients used to send us complaints. Red Points gave us visibility to know where and how those fakes were damaging our brand"

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What makes us different?

Let AI and experts help you make more informed business decisions. Red Points makes it easy to find and remove counterfeits, while taking care of revenue loss, brand reputation and consumer safety to keep your brand healthy.


Your infringers don’t sleep, neither do we: Red Points acts on 30 million links every day.


Limitless takedowns

Good-bye analyst hours, hello flat fees. We don’t leave any infringement standing.


Industry expertise

800 clients across more than 60 verticals give us deep industry know-how. You leverage it.


How important is brand reputation
to your business?

Chris Baker,
General Manager Europe at KeepCup

"We’d recommend Red Points to any brand that wants to protect their customers and reputation online"

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