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NFT brand abuse for beginners

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A guide to protecting your brand in web3

With the growing popularity of the metaverse...

NFTs are a growing trend that creators and brand owners can’t afford to ignore. Not only because they offer a great potential for brand growth, but because NFTs can also put your brand at risk. 

Counterfeits, infringements, and other forms of brand abuse are all a common problem on the world’s leading NFT marketplaces. That's why understanding NFTs, how they work, and the challenges they pose are necessary steps for brand owners to take in 2022. 

About Red Points

Red Points’ mission is to make the Internet a safer place for brands and consumers. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Red Points has transformed an industry traditionally led by intellectual property lawyers and services-focused companies into a scalable, cost-effective solution to cut online infringements at the source. 

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In this guide you will learn:

  • What is an NFT? 
  • How brands are using NFTs in 2022
  • Top NFT marketplaces brand owners should be aware of
  • NFT challenges for brand owners 
  • How to prevent NFT fraud, art theft, and IP infringement

Who is this for?

Understanding NFTs, how they work, and the challenges they pose are necessary steps for brand owners to take in 2022. That’s why this guide will help inform anyone from brands to artists with interest in NFT on how to protect their Intellectual Property in Web 3.

What's inside?

By reading this introductory guide you will learn:

  • Everything you should know about NFTs
  • NFTs in Web 3: New challenges & opportunities
  • Digital Art theft: examples and impact
  • How creators can prevent NFT infringements
  • Formula to success to protect your copyright in web 3

What you'll learn?

  • Latest trends on NFT fraud and how to combat them 
  • Tactics to protect your Intellectual Property on top NFT marketplaces 
  • The impact of NFT fraud on brands and artists 
  • The benefits of protecting your brand on web3 with technology