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Fighting Online Infringement in the Sports Industry

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About Red Points

Red Points’ mission is to make the Internet a safer place for brands and consumers. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Red Points has transformed an industry traditionally led by intellectual property lawyers and services-focused companies into a scalable, cost-effective solution to cut online infringements at the source. 

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Practical Steps to Protect Your Brand and Revenue

In the sports industry, protecting your brand and revenue is essential to your success. Unfortunately, online infringement has become a growing problem, making it difficult for companies to maintain their brand identity and revenue streams.

In this webinar, we will discuss practical steps that companies can take to fight online infringement in the sports industry. We will cover topics such as identifying potential infringers, enforcing your intellectual property rights, and working with legal professionals to protect your brand.

Our speakers will provide actionable advice and share real-world examples to help you better understand the challenges of protecting your brand and revenue in the sports industry.

By watching this webinar, you will learn:

— How to identify potential infringers and take proactive measures to prevent infringement

— Best practices for enforcing your intellectual property rights online

— Tips for working with legal professionals to protect your brand and revenue

— Real-world examples of companies that have successfully fought online infringement in the sports industry

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In this webinar you will learn

Daniel Shapiro

SVP of Brands Relationships & Strategic Relationships at Red Points 


After working at Macy’s and eBay, Daniel joined Red Points to lead the company’s strategic partnership with ecommerce platforms, websites, IP firms and other stakeholders. Daniel was a Senior Manager of Brand Protection at eBay, where he led international teams in the disruption of counterfeits worldwide.

Rob Hoge

Director, Intellectual Property Counsel, Nautilus, Inc.


Rob Hoge is Director, Intellectual Property Counsel, Nautilus, Inc since 2014. He oversees the company's global brand protection strategy.

Paul Smelcer 

Senior Associate for Husch Blackwell


For Paul, intellectual property law is an exciting practice at the intersection of innovation, technology and legal strategy.
After earning an undergraduate degree in biology, Paul worked as a research technician for an innovative agriculture company, a position that provided a foundation for understanding the importance of intellectual property protections. His work involved optimizing automation and workflow for isolating and sequencing plant DNA, and he developed an appreciation for maintaining processes as trade secrets.

Andrew Love

Brand Security and Investigations at Specialized Bicycle Components


Andrew Love of Specialized Bicycles heads up the Brand Security/Investigations Global team. A department he created in 2008 and now leads. In his career with Specialized, cases Andrew has investigated have resulted in scores of arrests in the U.S., China, Spain, Italy, Colombia, and Thailand. Andrew has overseen seizures of over 2 million dollars in cash from counterfeiter’s bank accounts, taking down hundreds of websites and online listings valued @ over 112 million a year; he and his team averages 229 takedowns a day on major ecommerce platforms and social media.